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Commercial Products

Calder Door has a large selection of doors and other products for your commercial or industrial facility. We are your one stop shop for garage doors, garage door openers, rolling steel doors and grills, hollow metal doors, frames, and builder’s hardware, commercial wood access doors, Toilet partitians and washroom accessories, access doors, strip doors, accordion doors, folding gates, wire mesh partitions, loccers, traffic doors, bug barriers, and air curtains. . This page is a general overview of our commercial product offering. Our web site is designed to give you as little or as much information about our products as you would like to have. We also have a dedicated sales and service staff who are qualified and ready to help you understand how our products can meet your needs.

Commercial Access Doors

Calder Door is an installing distributor of commercial hollow metal doors, frames and door hardware. We also supply commercial wood doors. Or doors and frames are available in different sizes and configurations. Our UL certified shop allows us to fabricate fire rated doors and frames to your needs.

Our fabrication shop can weld door and borrowed light frames, sidelight frames, and transoms. In addition to standard hollow metal doors, we also sell bullet proof doors, lead lined doors, sound resistant doors and fire rated doors. We also have the ability to install windows and louvers in a door. Call Calder Door today to learn more about our complete lins of commercial doors and frames.

Commercial Door Hardware

Calder Door sells and installs a complete line of commercial door hardware including hinges, door closers, exit devices, panic devices, handle sets, bored locks, mortise locks, push plates, pull handles, door stops, hold open devices, protection plates, kick plates, thresholds, weather stripping, bottom seals, sound seals, smoke seals, and much more.

Calder Door can deliver a door and frame with the hardware pre-installed for quick and easy installation.

Garage Doors

Calder Door is your one stop shop for commercial and industrial garage doors. We sell and install a large selection of models that range from fully insulated doors with steel on both sides to non insulated doors. We also sell full vision aluminum doors for store fronts, fire stations, service stations, and other situations where high levels of light or visability are essential.

Our commercial garage doors are available in several track and hardware options including standard lift, high lift, verticle lift, follow the roof slope, low headroom, and removable mullian track. Call Calder Door today, or click on the link below to learn more about our large selection of commercial garage doors.

Garage Doors Openers

Calder Door & Specialty Co. offers a large selection garage door and gate openers designed to accommodate commercial and industrial applications for your business. Commercial facilities have needs that are very different from residential applications, frequency of use being the most common difference.

Whereas the typical garage door opener may only be used a few times daily, a commercial operator may be used several times an hour. Calder Door sells and installs a full line of operators that provide the highest levels of strength and durability. Calder Door sells both side mounted jackshaft openers and ceiling mounted trolley openers.

Rolling Steel Doors and Grills

Calder Door & Specialty Co. offers a large selection of quality and dependable Rolling Doors, Grills and Shutters.

Our offering includes fire rated and non fire rated doors and shutters. The Rolling Door family includes a curtain of interlocking slats that roll around a tube.

These applications are ideal for demanding environments that require maximum durability and security. Because of minimal backroom, headroom and side room requirements, rolling doors are able to fit in tight spaces not appropriate for sectional doors .

Toilet Partitions

Calder Door sells, supplies and installs toilet partitions and urinal screens. Our toilet partitions are available in metal and plastic.

We have a large selection of colors and finihes to manch the décor of your rest room. Calder Door’s toilet patricians can be mounted on the floor, ceiling, wall, or continues wall to ceiling.

Calder Door also sells urinal screens to provide privacy between urinals. Call Calder Door today or click on the link below to learn more about our line of toilet patricians and urinal screens.

Washroom Accessories

Calder door sells, supplies and installs washroom accessories that include soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensors, handicap grab bars, hand dryers, waist receptacles, mirrors, changing stations, toilet seat cover dispensers, and much more.

Our customers enjoy the ability to purchase necessary washroom accessories with toilet patricians.

Calder Door strives to offer the highest quality washroom accessories to meet the varying needs of different businesses and organizations

Special Application Products

Calder Door offers a extended product line of unique products that are related to the door, partition, and specialty division that we classify as special application products.

This grouping of products includes access panels, accordion doors and partitions, folding gates and wire partitions, and lockers and storage units. Calder Door is always looking for further opportunities to serve our customers with quality products and services.

While we are able to do special applications on several products through out our web site, these products are not always easy to find. We encourage our customers to call us if there is a product related to our current product line that is not listed on our website. Finding solutions for our customers is a top priority.

Strip Doors

Strip doors are designed for medium to high traffic areas that require constant temperature, environmental, and energy control.

Strip doors can be used in kitchen or food preparation facilities, warehousing, cold storage, car washes, and clean rooms.Strip Doors are available in different widths, lengths and thicknesses.

Calder Door also provides a variety of mounting options to meet different needs.

Loading Dock Equipment

Calder Door offers a wide range of products to protect and maintain the loading dock area of commercial and industrial buildings.

Loading Dock equipment includes dock seals, dock bumpers, dock lights, dock lights with fans, track armor and wheal chocks. Please feel free to explore this page to gain a better understanding of how our dock equipment can protect your building, increase safety and labor efficiency, and help to control the temperature of the loading dock area.

Traffic and Impact Doors

Calder Door offers a wide variety of special application type doors to meet the demands for high pedestrian and equipment traffic within a building including security traffic doors, pharmaceutical and corrosion resistant doors, Sliding fire doors, and cold storage doors.

Calder Door had the door solution for applications that are available where traditional commercial doors are not adequate.

Insect Barriers and Air Curtains

In today’s world, energy efficiency and productivity are two necessary components for a successful business. The cost of heating and cooling a building can contribute to added expenses that could be utilized for further growth and greater profitability.

For those businesses who would like to conserve energy while lowering exposure to insects, Calder Door offers a variety of products to decrease energy costs and control insects and other pests while increasing efficiency.

Calder Door’s extensive line of bug screen products and air doors are a perfect fit for almost any warehouse or commercial facility. Please brouse this page to see how our line of bug screens and air doors can help to fulfill the needs of your facility.


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