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Entry Door

Wood entry door, double entry door and exterior entry doors all are available through Calder Door.   Located in Lancaster, Pa, we are a family run business that carries a large selection of doors that are sure to suit your needs.  We have doors adorned with brass, metal, fiberglass and fine hardware to help create a welcoming and custom look to the front of your home.

When choosing an entry door, there are many things that one must consider.   The quality of a door goes much beyond its looks, it will affect its functionality and ability to protect you from the outside elements.    A strong quality door also help to keep you and
your family safe from intrusion.

Contact us today to find out more about our large selection of entry doors!   We have wood entry doors, double entry doors and exterior entry doors as well as interior options as well.   Calder door also carries doors with brass, metal and fiberglass hardware that
will match up to any decorative tastes.


Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor Registration Number: PA000681