Calder Door offers a wide range of products to protect and maintain the loading dock area of commercial and industrial buildings. Loading Dock equipment includes dock seals, dock bumpers, dock lights, dock lights with fans, track armor and wheal chocks. Please feel free to explore this page to gain a better understanding of how our dock equipment can protect your building, increase safety and labor efficiency, and help to control the temperature of the loading dock area.
1 Dock Bumpers
Dock Bumpers Laminated Bumpers

Laminated Bumpers are constructed of recycled truck tire pads compressed between steel angles and secured with 3/4" steel tie rods. The laminated type protects both trucks and docks and is the most commonly used bumper. Our complete line includes all sizes from 4-1/2" to 12" thick in horizontal, vertical, and extra-length styles. Gussets for lower loading docks and special sizes are also available

Steel Face Bumpers

Where maximum protection is desired, Steel Face Bumpers with a 3/8" thick steel front plate should be used. This will absorb more shock and abrasion than the standard laminated bumpers. Standard sizes are 5-1/4" to 12-3/4" thick and all horizontal and vertical styles. Gussets for lower loading docks and special sizes are also available.

Molded Loading Dock Bumpers

Molded Dock Bumpers are manufactured using reinforced rubber in a variety of shapes and sizes. These solid, durable, one piece bumpers are smooth, attractive, and will not harden or be affected by weather. The most popular models are the "T", "L", and "R" styles. We carry a full line of standard sizes. Special shapes and sizes can be fabricated - Call for details.

Extruded Bumpers

When wall protection from forklifts and other loading dock equipment is needed, Extruded Bumpers are the ideal solution. This type of bumper is also great for indoor parking areas and marinas. They are available in any length up to ten feet and can have holes pre-drilled at the factory. Common styles include the "D" and "E" shapes. Call for assistance with your application.
2Door Seals
3Garage Door Track Armour
4Dock Lights
5Wheel Chocks

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