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In today’s world, energy efficiency and productivity are two necessary components for a successful business. The cost of heating and cooling a building can contribute to added expenses that could be utilized for further growth and greater profitability. For those businesses who would like to conserve energy while lowering exposure to insects, Calder Door offers a variety of products to decrease energy costs and control insects and other pests while increasing efficiency. Calder Door’s extensive line of bug screen products and air doors are a perfect fit for almost any warehouse or commercial facility. Please browse this page to see how our line of bug screens and air doors can help to fulfill the needs of your facility.
Air Inlet Screen Panels

Outside air openings and louvers are important devices in providing a healthy environment in a commercial facility. A major drawback in many air inlet systems is with the bug screening component.

Most openings have a screen that is permanently mounted inside the building.

This makes cleaning the screen extremely difficult. Cleaning crews need to use air or water pressure from inside the building to remove debris from the screen. This can create water or dust problems, or worse allowing contaminants to be blown back into the building. If you are looking for a more cost effective solution to this problem, try Calder Door’s. Air Inlet Screen Panels™. Mounted outside, the Bug Blocker® Air Inlet strong stainless steel screen mesh panels helps provide the answer to the new F.S.I.S. Food Safety Defense Plan.
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The Save-T Motorized Accordion Strip Door

Calder Door’s brand new Save-T Motorized Accordion Strip Door is an exclusive, motorized Accordion Strip Door designed for medium to high traffic areas that require constant temperature, environmental, and energy control, such as warehousing, cold storage, car washes, and clean rooms. The Save-T Motorized Accordion Strip Door takes traditional strip doors to the next level, offering protection, separation, and energy savings while eliminating contact with strips.
Why Use a Save-T Motorized Accordion Strip Door?
• Fast-acting, motorized strip door is a fraction of the cost of a fast-moving roll up door.
• Energy savings and safety of a strip door with the speed and flexibility of a high-speed door.
• Opens to one side or bi-parts in the middle.
• Fast, automatic, and adjustable opening and closing speeds: opens as quickly as 36” per second
• Quiet, low energy motors are suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Manual SAVE-T® Accordion Strip Doors

Manual SAVE-T® Accordion Strip Doors. This revolutionary Save-T Accordion Strip Door can be used when a sliding strip door does not suit your application, but there are obstructions on both sides of the doorway opening, such as shelving or a wall. This uniquely constructed sliding strip door is your most economical solution. It is also the most cost effective way to cut your heating or cooling costs. Just a light tug on the nylon pull-rope opens the door, moving the door to one side of the opening, or the panels can bi-part to both sides, allowing easy access for forklifts, hand trucks, large equipment or fragile products.

You can select opening to one side or bi-parting
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