Elevate Your Home with Custom Garage Doors


Are you ready to transform the facade of your home and elevate its curb appeal? Look no further than upgrading your garage door to a custom-made masterpiece from Calder Doors. Your garage door isn’t just functional; it’s a focal point of your home’s exterior. Let’s explore how investing in a custom garage door can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home while reflecting your unique style.

Exploring Custom Garage Door Designs

When it comes to enhancing the exterior of your home, selecting the perfect custom garage door design is crucial. Calder Doors offers a diverse array of meticulously crafted options designed to elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal while providing unparalleled functionality. Let’s delve into the various types of garage door designs available:

Coachman Collection: Blending Tradition with Modern Convenience

The Coachman® Collection seamlessly marries timeless aesthetics with modern functionality. These doors feature the classic appearance of old-fashioned swing-out doors found on carriage houses, combined with effortless operation at the touch of a button. Enjoy the charm of traditional wood without the hassle of maintenance with the Coachman Collection, making it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking both value and aesthetics.

Gallery Collection: A Fusion of Style and Durability

For those unwilling to compromise on aesthetics or functionality, the Gallery® Collection offers the perfect solution. Featuring a realistic faux-wood appearance and a grooved panel design, these doors exude elegance while providing long-term durability. Whether you choose insulation or not, Gallery doors offer superior performance without sacrificing visual appeal, making them a versatile choice for any home.

Avante Collection: Embracing Contemporary Elegance

Infuse your home with a modern flair with the Avante™ Collection of aluminum and glass garage doors. These sleek and stylish doors flood your garage with natural light while adding a contemporary touch to your home’s exterior. With customizable options including glass, color, and hardware choices, personalize the design to suit your unique taste and aesthetic preferences.

Timeless Beauty and Versatility

Modern Steel Series: Timeless Beauty Meets Durability

Seeking a balance of timeless beauty and durability? The Modern Steel™ Series is an excellent choice. With a variety of design options to complement any architectural style, these steel-panel doors enhance curb appeal while standing up to the elements. Whether your home boasts a mid-century modern vibe or a contemporary aesthetic, the Modern Steel Series delivers both form and function.

Classic Collection: Time-Honored Elegance at an Affordable Price

True to its name, the Classic™ Collection offers timeless elegance backed by exceptional quality at an affordable price point. Serving as a blank canvas for customization, these doors allow you to tailor the design to your preferences without breaking the bank. Achieve the desired look without compromising on quality or budget with the Classic Collection.

Reserve Collection: Customization at Its Finest

For homeowners with a specific vision, the Reserve® Collection offers unparalleled customization options. From wood and metal to composite materials, the possibilities are endless. Add specialty glass windows and hardware to create a door that reflects your personal style. With the Reserve Collection, bring your dream garage to life with precision and craftsmanship.

Finding Your Aesthetic

Your garage door should seamlessly blend with the overall design of your home, enhancing its visual appeal and adding to its charm. Regardless of your home’s style, Calder Doors has the ideal custom garage door to match. Our expert design team will work closely with you to understand your vision and create a bespoke solution that exceeds your expectations.

Exploring Design Options with Calder Doors’ Door Designer

Imagine the possibilities with Calder Doors’ innovative Door Designer tool. This user-friendly online platform allows you to visualize different garage door styles, materials and finishes directly on your home’s facade. Experiment with colors, textures, and hardware options to find the perfect combination that reflects your personal taste and elevates your home’s look. With the Door Designer, designing your dream garage door has never been easier or more enjoyable.

The Legacy of Calder Doors

For over 40 years, Calder Doors has stood as a trusted leader in the garage door industry. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the Greater Philadelphia area with exceptional products and unparalleled service. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction have earned us a reputation for excellence that stands the test of time. When you choose Calder Doors, you’re investing in more than just a garage door. You’re investing in a legacy of quality and craftsmanship that will enhance your home’s beauty and value for years.


Transforming your home’s look with a custom garage door from Calder Doors is more than just an upgrade; it’s a statement of style and sophistication. With our custom options and expert guidance, we’ll craft a garage door that reflects you. Our commitment to excellence ensures that it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Elevate your curb appeal and make a lasting impression with Calder Doors.

Upgrade Your Home Today with Calder Doors

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