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When it comes to outfitting your commercial space, having the right equipment can make all the difference in terms of efficiency, security, and overall functionality. At Calder Door, we understand the unique needs of various industries and offer a comprehensive range of commercial equipment designed to meet these demands. Whether you’re looking for durable doors, high-speed roll-up solutions, or reliable operators, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the essential commercial equipment that Calder Door provides, starting with our robust selection of commercial doors.

Commercial Doors

Heavy-Duty Sectional Doors

Our heavy-duty sectional doors are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. These commercial equipment doors are constructed with high-quality materials that ensure durability and long-lasting performance. The robust design makes them ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other facilities where security and resilience are paramount.

Features and Benefits:

– Durability: Made from high-gauge steel or aluminum, these doors are designed to handle frequent use and harsh conditions.

– Insulation: Options available with insulation to help maintain temperature control and energy efficiency within your facility.

– Security: Enhanced locking mechanisms to provide superior security against unauthorized access.

– Customization: Available in various sizes and finishes to match the specific needs of your commercial space.

Best Use Cases and Industries:

– Warehouses

– Manufacturing plants

– Distribution centers

– Automotive service stations

Full-View Aluminum Heavy-Duty Doors

Our full-view aluminum heavy-duty doors combine strength with visibility, making them an excellent choice for commercial spaces that require both durability and a modern aesthetic. These doors are perfect for areas where natural light is beneficial or where visibility is crucial for operations.

Features and Benefits:

– Visibility: Large glass panels allow for maximum natural light and visibility.

– Durability: Constructed with heavy-duty aluminum frames that resist corrosion and wear.

– Aesthetics: Sleek design enhances the appearance of your commercial space.

– Versatility: Suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Best Use Cases and Industries:

– Car dealerships

– Showrooms

– Retail spaces

– Restaurants

Bug Screen Sectional Doors

Ideal for environments where ventilation is necessary without compromising on pest control, our bug screen sectional doors provide the perfect solution. These doors allow fresh air to circulate while keeping insects and debris out, making them ideal for food processing facilities and similar industries.

Features and Benefits:

– Ventilation: Mesh design allows for airflow while keeping pests at bay.

– Durability: Made with strong, tear-resistant materials.

– Flexibility: Can be used in conjunction with other door types for added versatility.

– Ease of Use: Smooth operation with manual or motorized options available.

Best Use Cases and Industries:

– Food processing plants

– Agricultural facilities

– Warehouses

– Workshops

Security Shutters

For businesses that require additional security measures, our security shutters offer a robust and reliable solution. These shutters provide a strong barrier against theft and vandalism, ensuring your property is protected around the clock.

Features and Benefits:

– Security: Reinforced design to withstand forced entry attempts.

– Discreetness: Compact design allows shutters to roll up neatly when not in use.

– Ease of Use: Available with manual or automatic operation for convenience.

– Customization: Various finishes and colors to match your building’s exterior.

Best Use Cases and Industries:

– Retail stores

– Pharmacies

– Banks

– Office buildings

High-Speed Roll-Up Doors

When speed and efficiency are critical, high-speed roll-up doors from Calder Door are the ideal solution. These doors are designed to open and close quickly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. They are perfect for high-traffic areas where maintaining a controlled environment is essential. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of high-speed roll-up doors we offer.

MODEL 881 ADV-XTREME Interior High-Speed Fabric Doors

The MODEL 881 ADV-XTREME is specifically engineered for interior use, providing rapid access and improved workflow within your facility. These fabric doors are perfect for separating different areas without compromising on speed and efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

– High-Speed Operation: Opens at an impressive rate, reducing wait times and increasing throughput.

– Durability: Constructed with high-strength fabric that withstands frequent use.

– Safety: Equipped with advanced safety features such as photo eyes and breakaway bottom bars to prevent accidents.

– Ease of Maintenance: Simple design ensures quick and easy maintenance.

Best Use Cases and Industries:

– Manufacturing facilities

– Warehouses

– Cleanrooms

– Automotive service centers

MODEL 882 ADV-XTREME Strutted Interior & Exterior High-Speed Fabric Doors

The MODEL 882 ADV-XTREME offers the flexibility of being used both indoors and outdoors. These strutted fabric doors provide excellent wind resistance and are ideal for environments that experience varying weather conditions.

Features and Benefits:

– Versatility: Suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

– Wind Resistance: Reinforced with struts to withstand high winds.

– Speed: Fast opening and closing speeds enhance operational efficiency.

– Durability: Heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting performance even in harsh conditions.

Best Use Cases and Industries:

– Distribution centers

– Loading docks

– Food processing facilities

– Pharmaceutical plants

MODEL 889 ADV-XTREME Exterior Full-View High-Speed Metal Doors

For exterior applications that require durability and visibility, the MODEL 889 ADV-XTREME is the perfect choice. These high-speed metal doors combine the strength of metal with the benefits of full-view panels, making them ideal for areas where visibility and security are paramount.

Features and Benefits:

– Visibility: Full-view panels provide clear visibility, enhancing safety and monitoring.

– Durability: Constructed with high-strength metal to withstand external elements.

– Security: Robust design offers added security against unauthorized access.

– Efficiency: High-speed operation reduces energy loss and maintains internal temperatures.

Best Use Cases and Industries:

– Parking garages

– Transit facilities

– Retail distribution centers

– Large warehouses

Commercial Operators

To ensure your commercial doors operate smoothly and reliably, having the right commercial operators is crucial. At Calder Door, we offer a range of commercial operators designed to provide efficient and seamless operation for various types of doors. Let’s explore the different models available and their key features.

Model H

The Model H operator is a heavy-duty solution designed for industrial applications. This operator is built to handle frequent use and heavy doors, making it ideal for demanding environments.

Features and Benefits:

– Heavy-Duty Performance: Designed to operate large, heavy doors with ease.

– Reliability: Robust construction ensures consistent and long-lasting performance.

– Safety Features: Equipped with safety mechanisms such as automatic reversing and sensing devices to prevent accidents.

– Ease of Use: Simple controls and user-friendly interface for straightforward operation.

Best Use Cases and Industries:

– Warehouses

– Manufacturing facilities

– Distribution centers

– Industrial plants

Model T

The Model T operator is tailored for environments where versatility and durability are essential. This operator is suitable for various types of commercial doors, offering flexibility and reliability.

Features and Benefits:

– Versatility: Compatible with a wide range of door types, including sectional and rolling doors.

– Durability: Engineered for high-frequency use, ensuring long-term reliability.

– Quiet Operation: Designed to minimize noise, making it suitable for environments where noise control is important.

– Advanced Control Options: Offers programmable settings for customized operation.

Best Use Cases and Industries:

– Commercial garages

– Storage facilities

– Retail establishments

– Service stations

Model J

The Model J operator is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a compact yet powerful solution. This operator is designed to offer robust performance while occupying minimal space.

Features and Benefits:

– Compact Design: Space-saving design ideal for areas with limited installation space.

– Powerful Performance: Despite its size, it delivers strong and reliable operation.

– Energy Efficiency: Built with energy-saving features to reduce operational costs.

– Enhanced Security: Includes security features to protect against unauthorized access.

Best Use Cases and Industries:

– Retail stores

– Offices

– Small warehouses

– Light industrial applications

Model FVOH

The Model FVOH operator is designed for high-traffic environments where frequent and reliable operation is essential. This operator offers high-speed functionality and robust performance, making it perfect for busy commercial spaces.

Features and Benefits:

– High-Speed Operation: Fast opening and closing speeds to accommodate high-traffic areas.

– Reliability: Engineered for continuous operation, reducing downtime.

– Advanced Technology: Features smart technology for efficient and precise control.

– Safety and Security: Includes comprehensive safety features to ensure safe operation.

Best Use Cases and Industries:

– Parking facilities

– Transit hubs

– Large commercial complexes

– Healthcare facilities

Equipping Your Commercial Space for Success

Having the right commercial equipment is essential for operational efficiency and security. At Calder Door, we offer a wide range of high-quality commercial doors, high-speed roll-up doors, and reliable operators tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. By choosing Calder Door, you invest in quality and advanced technology that enhances your business operations.

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