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Tips To Keep Your Garage Door Protected During Hurricane Season


Our garage door serves as the primary line of defense against severe weather conditions, making it crucial to maintain it properly to withstand hurricanes, storms, and high-speed winds. Being fully prepared for the hurricane season will help prevent garage door failure and protect your belongings from damage caused by flying debris and strong winds. Before the onset of hurricane season, it’s essential to inspect your garage door for any damage that can lead to flooding and leakage, potentially causing costly repairs and damage to your property. Hurricanes can damage your property quickly, making it vital to storm-proof your garage door to safeguard your belongings.

Be Fully Prepared

If you are living in hurricane proof area, you need to be fully prepared for this severe weather condition so that you can make your property less vulnerable to these destructive forces. The high internal pressure caused due to hurricane can lead to build up and it will eventually cause serious structural damage to your property.

Invest in Wind Resistant Garage Doors

Making the right investment for the protection of your garage is extremely important. One of the best ways of achieving this is by installing wind resistant garage door so that it can withstand high speed winds. Choosing hurricane proof door offers an added advantage as it comes with twist resistant framework and extra strong steel track so that you will no longer have to worry even during hurricane season.

Replace Garage Door Seal

The garage door should be sealed with pliable rubber or vinyl weather seal at the bottom so that it is ready to face the wrath of nature. These seals help in compressing the garage door automatically so that there are no gaps left with the floor. If the old seals of the door have become brittle or have been broken then you need to install weather stripping for protecting the door from the hurricane.

Opt for Impact Resistant Garage Doors

These doors are especially designed for withstanding the force applied by any object that is hurled against the door whether it is small or large. The exterior steel skin of the door is very effective in dealing with hurricane because your garage and its valuables will remain unaffected. But for maximum strength choose doors that come with heavy duty rollers, hinges, tracks and springs so that it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Attach Braces

If you want your garage door to withstand force of major storm, you should attach braces to the door for added safety and protection. You will need to buy a bracing kit that includes long aluminum or steel bars for attaching so that you will enjoy added wind resistance and strength to the doors. Braces will protect your garage door from breaking apart due to high wind or storm during the hurricane season.

Water drainage problem is the most common issue that you will have to face after a hurricane. It will make your garage flooded and there a lot of problems that might arise after flooding. Hence, proper drainage system is extremely important so that the excess water is removed easily without causing any serious water damage issues.

Replace Old Garage Doors

Old, damaged and compromised garage door is known to cause pressure changes inside your home. This can eventually cause serious damages to the interiors of your home and the best way of handling this problem is by replacing the old garage door. The buildup air pressure can also affect the structural integrity of your home and you need to install a strong, sturdy and durable garage door for protecting your property and its belongings.

In conclusion, maintaining a well-functioning garage door is crucial for protecting your property from severe weather conditions like hurricanes, storms, and high-speed winds. To fully prepare for the hurricane season, invest in wind-resistant and impact-resistant garage doors, replace old garage door seals, attach braces, and ensure proper water drainage. Don’t let a compromised garage door put your property and its valuable belongings at risk. Take action now and secure your garage with the necessary precautions to keep it safe during the next hurricane season. Invest in a new garage door or take the necessary steps to maintain your existing one, and protect your home from the devastating effects of severe weather conditions.

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