Hollow Metal Doors

Calder Door & Specialty Co. have been providing Hollow Metal doors to Lancaster businesses for over one hundred years!

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Hollow Metal Door & Frames

Standard Hollow Metal Door Options
Typically supplied in 16-gauge or 18-gauge steel, hollow metal doors can be made of either cold-rolled steel or galvannealed for added corrosion resistance or primed. Edge seams are interlocked with the option to have honeycomb, polystyrene, polyurethane, steel stiffened and mineral cores. Additional components to consider for the complete opening are door frames and hardware options. Schedule a Calder Doors Service representative for a free on site assessment of your hollow metal doors.

Design Flexibility

Each detail of the door can be designed to meet the requirements of your unique request. Paneled doors, lite cut outs, louvers, bug screen inserts can be added for you.
Durability and Security

Commercial hollow metal doors provide safety and security to your building at every opening. Openings subjected to high abuse or frequent usage are ideal hollow metal door applications. Our hollow metal doors have been proven to meet standards for operation and physical endurance.

Replacement Specialists

We’re the replacement hollow metal door specialists, so when you need new product, just call us and we will take care of the rest. Our representatives will perform detailed site measurement inspection to ensure the new products fit perfectly for your facility. Our team of installation experts takes all the worry out of it, as they are highly skilled at their craft.

Hollow Metal Frames

Frame Options
Most commercial hollow metal doors are purchased with new frames to ensure the Job is done right from beginning to end. Each doorway is completely unique, and our specialist can take the guess work out of your decision. Frames can be 14 or 16 GA Steel, designed for the following applications.
-3-Sided HM Frame for Stud Walls
-3-Sided HM Frame for Masonry Walls
-3-Sided HM Frame for Drywall Walls
-4-Sided HM Frame for Stud or Masonry New or Existing Walls
-Double Egress HM Frame for Stud or Masonry New or Existing Walls

Door Closer Hardware

Door Closer Options
Options for door closer include:

Regular Arm Application
-Used when the closer is mounted to the pull side of the opening

Parallel Arm Application
-Used when the closer is mounted to the push side of the opening

Both applications may allow the door to swing a full 180 degrees.
Closures are also configured to account for the door weight for
proper performance.

Cylindrical Locksets

Cylindrical Lock Options
Cylindrical Locks fit into a bored prep in the hollow metal door. These are
the most common type of locks used.

Can configure with deadbolts, with access control systems and electrified.

Exit Devices

Exit Device Options
Exist devices are available in a variety of options to include, touch bar, cross bar or as an integral part of the door face.

-Touch Bar, Suspended between the hinge and lock cases of the device.

-Cross Bar, Projects out of the body of the exit device. This is most popular.

-Integral Bar, Recessed into the door for a cleaner look.

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