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Why Isn’t My Garage Door Opener Working?


After a long day at work or out there running errands, you would want to get home and relax. Or it could be one of those days when you’re in a rush and would want to get to your destination within the shortest time possible.

In such scenarios the last thing you want is to find out your garage door opener isn’t working. As much as it is frustrating, the best news is that you can fix the problem. But only if you can identify the root cause. Below are some of the common issues that occur when your garage door isn’t working properly.

Garage Door Isn’t Responding to the Remote

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to press the remote control, it simply cannot operate the opener. In such a case, try getting as close as possible to the door and then again press the remote. It could be that you’re out of range.

If the above step doesn’t work, check the antennae of your remote to ensure it is correctly positioned facing upwards. Also, remember to double-check for any damages. Then replace the batteries, if necessary, especially when the garage door seems to function just fine when you press on the wall switch.

If still, nothing seems to work, consider reprograming your remote using the user manual, as some electronics require programming from time to time.

Garage Door Closes Halfway

If you notice your garage door just opens right, but can’t seem to close all the way, you might be dealing with three issues.

First, ensure the garage door opener closing limit is properly set. Because, if it’s wrongly set, it can cause the motor to stop running halfway either when opening or closing the door. Remember, your garage door needs to operate on a close limit to protect you and your loved ones from being hit by the closing door. Therefore, you simply must readjust it to serve you well and you will be good to go.

Also, ensure to check for blocking debris between the sensors, and any damage on the rollers.

Reversing Garage Door

If your garage door keeps reversing before hitting the floor, you might want to check the garage door openers, close-force setting. It could be that there is too much friction on the rollers due to rust or various damages bring the door to a premature stop.

If this is the case, replace the rollers, or lubricate them well and continue enjoying the convenience of your door.

When there is nothing wrong with the rollers, check the close force settings and readjust them.

Garage Door Opener Won’t Open Even with the Remote or Wall Switch

When your garage door refuses to open even when you try to use both the wall switch and the remote, you might be dealing with a power problem. First, check if the motor unit is still plugged. Examine the door opener and ensure its cord is properly plugged in.

If the above step doesn’t seem to work, you might be dealing with a burnt circuit breaker. To confirm your fears, first, switch on the lights in your garage. If they aren’t working, this confirms your fears. Depending on the extent of the damage, consider fixing or replacing the breaker.

However, if the lights in your garage are operating, you could be dealing with a burned-out door opener motor. It could have also stopped operating. Either way, it’s time to replace it.

Garage Door Isn’t Completely Opening

When your garage door cannot seem to fully open, the up-limit switch might be too far from the motor unit and needs readjustment. However, this problem tends to occur immediately after installing your new garage door.

But, if your door has been operating for a while, consider checking the rollers for any multiple damages. Depending on the problem you discover, you can lubricate or replace the rollers, or both.

Garage Door Opens but the Motor Continues Running

This is a rare problem that is usually noticeable immediately you install a new garage door. When it occurs, adjust the up limit by moving it further from the motor unit. If this doesn’t work, the service person might have to check the gears inside the motor unit for any stripping signs.

Garage Door Isn’t Opening in Winter

During winter, it’s common for garage doors to lower just fine, but be problematic when trying to open. If this happens, adjust the sensitivity on the motor unit of your garage door opener. Also, consider lubricating stiff rollers.

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