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How To Prepare Your Entry Door For Summer


As winter passes and the temperature rises, people start to switch their pants for shorts! The time for having chocolate near the chimney will soon be over – and barbecues are just around the corner.

Now is the time to prepare your house for the summer the same way you winterized your home a few months ago.

The best way to do so is one place at a time. What better place to start than your front door! It’s easy to do, takes very little time, and will help you when temperatures rise to scorching hot numbers.

Check how to prepare your door for summer down below.

1. Clear and clean your door

People tend to avoid going outside during the winter. Who could blame them? Cold temperatures are not inviting!

As the weather changes, you start to step outside your home more – and find out there’s a lot to clean up on your doorstep.

You’re right at that step. It’s time to go outside and take a thorough look at and around your door. Then, clean things up. You’ll need the space – because you’re going to fix, repair, and paint your door.

Try to follow these steps instead of fixing stuff as you find it. That way, it’ll be a straightforward process.

2. Look for wear and tear

Take a good look at your door. There are a lot of things you must pay attention to paint, knobs, wood, and more.

Make a mental note or write down what you need to repair or replace. Figure out whether you need tools for this job.

Now is the time to buy anything you need. Whether that’s tools, screws, paint, or anything else. Otherwise, you may end up delaying one step – and forgetting all about it later!

3. Fill the gaps and fix any issues

Winter can damage your door like no other season. Snow, storms, and so many more stuff can hurt your door for months on end. Now is the time to check things out and see what you must work on.

Look for loose hinges, missing bolts, broken parts, and anything else you can think of. Repair it as soon as possible.

Make sure you thoroughly check your door before moving to the next step – because there’s no point in painting a broken door.

4. Deflect heat with the right paint

Painting your doors may seem like a hassle – but it will help you save money in many ways.

Curb appeal is very important for your house value. A destroyed door will reduce your net worth by lowering your house value.

At the same time, the wrong kind of paint can create poor conditions. Darker tones will absorb heat. Doors will swell and warp when that happens – and, eventually, break. Replacing your door will cost more than painting it.

Go with light deflective paint. Your door and house will thank you for it!

5. Weatherstrip to keep nasty stuff away

Winter requires you to winterize your doors and windows – and summer is similar. You have to weatherstrip your front door to prevent heat, moisture, and other stuff from wreaking havoc on your door during summer storms.

What is weatherstripping? It’s sealing the spaces around your door. That way, you prevent water and other stuff from creeping and settling in.

You have to check your weatherstrip yearly! Make sure it’s not old or broken before summer starts. It’s common for weatherstrips to have worn areas on them after a while. They may break altogether as well.

Broken or worn-out weatherstrips are no good – replace them.

6. Go the extra mile and get ahead of pests

When temperatures start to rise, pests will crawl out of their hiding place to haunt your plants. They will get inside your home if you let them too – and that’s why you need to prepare your door for that.

It’s not a bad idea to buy anti-pest spray and use it near your front door for now.

You can also check the usual hiding places for bugs and insects you don’t want in your house. These little creatures usually look for dark, humid places to hide. Remove anything that will create that environment near your door.

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