Why Your Garage Door is Making So Much Noise


No one is a big fan of a noisy garage door. The constant squeaking and rattling and grinding gets old quick. Knowing why your garage door is making certain noises can allow you to find the source of the problem faster. With some investigating, some lubricant, some tools, and a handy garage door professional, you can be on your way to a quiet garage door again. 

Garage Door Squeaking

A squeaky garage door is a nuisance. Not only is the sound irritating but it is an indication that the rollers need to be lubricated or replaced. This can be done by yourself at home, without the help of a professional. Simply apply lubricant to the rollers and the track of your garage door to get rid of the squeaking.

Garage Door Grinding

Another common sound heard by people is a grinding sound. This can be because the rollers need to be lubricated or replaced, or could be a sign that your door’s hinges are in need of replacing. You can lubricate the rollers and the track at home, but in order to fix a problem with the hinges you will need to call a professional. 

Garage Door Rattling

Rattling garage doors can be attributed to a few things, one of which being loose parts. Nuts, bolts, and screws help to hold your garage door together. When some of these parts begin to come loose, the garage door will make a rattling sound. This is an easy fix, just take your tool and tighten any loose parts, just avoid working around the hinges and springs as they can be dangerous. 

Another thing that can cause your garage door to rattle is a loose chain. Depending on your garage door system, you may have a chain drive, when that chain begins to become loose, it can create a rattling noise. In order to get the chain tightened, you will need to call a professional.

Garage Door Popping

Generally when your garage door is popping it can be an indicator that springs are beginning to lock up. This requires you to call a professional to lubricate or replace the springs. The springs are too dangerous to handle if you are not a trained professional and this should not be done by yourself. 

Garage Door Rubbing

When you hear a rubbing noise coming from your garage door the likely culprit is the tracks. If the tracks of your garage door become bent it will cause a rubbing noise. This can be fixed by calling a garage door professional to straighten and realign your door on the tracks. This is unsafe to try by yourself and should not be attempted.

Garage Door Scraping

A scraping noise can best be attributed to your garage door being off balance. An off balance garage door is going to scrape up against the garage itself and can damage the door and the structure surrounding it. To balance your garage door, call a professional to come and do it for you. It is unsafe to try to do this yourself.


Finding the source of the noise that your garage door is making can be made easier by understanding what noise means what problem. Many issues can be fixed yourself by lubricating and tightening loose parts, but regular professional evaluations can help as well. If you find something wrong with your garage door do not hesitate to call us at Calder Door & Specialty Co.

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