Transform Your Entrance with a Modern Rustic Touch

Have you ever stood in front of a house and felt a sense of awe just by looking at the entry door? It’s not just a doorway; it’s a statement. In this piece, we delve into the allure of the modern rustic entry door and how it can transform your home’s entrance into a captivating […]

Seal Doors & Beat the Chill: Winter-Proofing Made Easy!

Calder Infographics (Seal Doors)

Winter is knocking, and it’s not just about the holiday cheer and hot cocoa. It’s also the season when chilly drafts find their way through every nook and cranny, especially your doors. But fear not! Learning how to seal doors for winter is simpler than you might think and can make a world of difference […]

Which Types of Entry Door Locks and Hardware Do You Need?

Locks and Hardware

In a world where security is paramount, the guardians of your home’s safety are none other than the entry door locks and hardware. These elements not only ensure your family’s protection but also grants you the peace of mind you deserve. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take an in-depth look into the realm of entry […]

Choosing the Perfect Residential Entry Door for Your Home

Residential entry doors

The entryway of your home serves as more than just a passage; it’s a reflection of your personal style, a guardian of your security, and a safeguard against the elements. Your residential entry door plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for your home’s aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and overall functionality. This comprehensive guide […]

Modern Garage Doors: The Key to Elevating Your Home’s Exterior

Modern Garage Doors

The garage door often gets overlooked in enhancing curb appeal and aesthetics. But with modern garage doors, you can transform your home’s exterior, making a bold statement with style and functionality. In this blog, we’ll explore the significance of modern garage doors and how they elevate your home’s exterior to new levels of sophistication and […]

Preventive Maintenance Tips to Avoid Future Door Repair

Door Repair

Doors are an essential part of our homes, providing security, privacy, and aesthetics. However, over time, they may start experiencing issues that require repairs. To avoid the inconvenience and cost associated with frequent door repair, it’s important to implement preventive maintenance measures. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips to help you […]

Let the Sunshine In: Calder Door’s Glass Garage Doors for a Brighter Summer

Glass Garage Doors

As summer approaches, it’s time to embrace the beauty of natural light and create a bright, inviting atmosphere in your home. One way to achieve this is by installing glass garage doors from Calder Door. These innovative doors not only enhance the aesthetics of your property but also offer numerous benefits, including increased natural light, […]

Protecting Your Garage from Flooding during Spring Rains

As spring brings refreshing rains, it also poses the risk of flooding. Your garage is particularly vulnerable to water damage, which can lead to costly repairs and inconvenience. In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies to safeguard your garage from flooding during spring rains. By implementing these measures, you can protect your belongings, […]

Double the Impact: Transform with Double Entry Doors

Transform with double entry doors

Your front entryway is the first thing guests see when they come to your home. It’s a crucial part of your home’s curb appeal and sets the tone for the rest of your interior design. Double entry doors are an excellent way to create a grand entrance to your home while also improving its functionality. […]

5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

5 signs your garage door needs repair

Your garage door is an essential part of your home. It not only protects your vehicles and other possessions but also provides security for your family. However, just like any other mechanical device, it can experience wear and tear over time. Neglecting regular maintenance and garage repair can lead to more significant problems that can […]

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